Due to Inclement Weather, SBA is CLOSED Today, Wednesday, Jan. 17th


The Studio of Ballets Arts Ltd. offers a wide variety of classes for all ages.

Please see director or teacher for proper level placement in a class. If placement isn’t sure before classes begin, you will be assessed based upon the first few weeks of participation & may be asked to move to a more appropriate level once assessment takes place.


  • Pre-Ballet
  • Hip Tap Toe (Combo for 3-6 year olds)
  • Beginner Ballet
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Advance Ballet
  • Pointe (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Adult Ballet
  • Adult Ballet Barre Workout


  • Beginner Jazz
  • Intermediate Jazz
  • Advanced Jazz


  • Beginner Modern
  • Intermediate Modern
  • Advance Modern


(Must have ballet background)

  • Beginner Lyrical
  • Intermediate Lyrical
  • Advance Lyrical


  • Beginner Tap
  • Begin/Int Tap
  • Intermediate Tap
  • Advanced Tap
  • Adult Tap

Hip Hop

  • Beginner Hip Hop
  • Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Inter/Adv Hip Hop
  • Contemporary Hip Hop

Break Dancing

  • Break Dancing
  • Reckless Crew Conditioning


  • ACRO – or “acrobatics” is gymnastics based learning where flexibility, agility, tumbling elements & partner/group stunts & lifts are learned to create dimension & strength for a dancers repertoire.