All Students

  • Must wear hair out of face.
  • Have an over-all clean and neat appearance.
  • Do not wear any jewelry – this is for your safety.

Ballet/Modern/Contemporary students should wear

  • A Leotard is to be worn to every class. As part of our specific policy, we ask that all starting students age 7 and younger wear a “ballet pink” leotard, while students 8 and older have the choice of a purple or black leotard. Please try to ensure that the leotard has proper support & does not show any undergarments.
  • Optional Ballet skirt and or black shorts to cover hip area (check with teacher on preference)
  • Tights must be worn – clean with no tears – in a light “ballet pink” color.
  • Hair is to be pulled back into a tight, neat bun. Secure bangs & other hairs with hair product or hair pins/clips – preferably those that match your hair color versus distracting colors/sparkles etc.
  • Ballet pink shoes (check with teacher on specific style, especially if you need both soft and pointe shoes)
    Modern/Contemporary may require nude “dance paws” or other shoes, please check with teacher.

Acro/Stretch/Team Prep

  • Leotard, Biketard and/or form fitting clothing such as a fitted tank and shorts/leggings
  • Hair should be out of face, such as a pony tail.
  • Barefoot for Acro.

Jazz/Tap students should wear

  • Please wear solid color, purple, pink or black.
  • The top can be a class leotard or form fitting tank/shirt.
  • Bottoms should be black jazz pants, leggings/tights and or shorts.
  • Black or Tan Jazz shoes (depending on what teacher specifies for class or recital)
  • Hair should be worn up & out of face – can be a bun, pony tail etc. As long as secured tightly.

Hip-hop/ Break Dance students should wear

  • Please wear Comfortable clothes that will allow free movement such as Tshirt, tank, shorts, or sweat pants. Although a baggier look is a normal style in hip-hop, please make sure that your shape is still obvious. You do not want to wear anything that is so loose fitting that it can easily fall down or off or cause you to trip.
  • “chuck taylor” style black canvas sneakers with white soles (these can be found at inexpensive prices at places like payless, target, walmart etc.) Please do not wear shoes that blink or light-up in class, it is very distracting.
  • May benefit from purchasing using knee pads – check with teacher if needed.

When taking multiple classes it is important that each dancer be responsible & prepared so they can enter each class in a timely manner.