SBA Performing Arts Inc.

SBAPAThe SBA Performing Arts, Inc. (SBAPA) is organized as an IRS 501c3 non-profit organization. SBAPA is dedicated to supporting students interested in dance and the performing arts. The SBAPA serves Montgomery County and the Greater Olney community by offering dance scholarships to disadvantaged students who would otherwise be unable to attend classes. The scholarships are funded by the SBAPA through sponsorships, donations and fundraisers that assist needy students with class, performance and competition fees. The funds raised through the SBAPA provide students with performing arts education and support they would otherwise be unable to attain. This education and the opportunity to perform in a supportive environment provide an invaluable opportunity for these students, and develop poise and confidence that helps them achieve in other phases of their lives.

SBAPA offers training in dance, acting, voice, visual arts, developing the proper stage presence, how to audition, how to become a choreographer, production and back stage activities. Training also includes injury prevention and treatment, plus field trips to performing art venues. Master level classes are available that expose students to various dance and art forms including: Ballet, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Ballroom, and Salsa. They are also invited to participate in special performances and experience special guest speakers and trainers.

The SBAPA also offers students the opportunity to participate in activities where they can earn MCPS student service learning hours.

The SBAPA values Montgomery County and the Greater Olney community and supports many fundraising efforts sponsored throughout our locality. Our dedication to community service allows us to teach our students through example and light the way for them to grow as caring and supportive citizens. These are the values SBAPA strives to promote with each of our dancers.